Global Neuro Advanced Course— Neurotrauma


Global Neuro Advanced Course— Neurotrauma

(With Hands-on Training)

20 - 21 October 2023
Brazil | São Paulo

Andres M. Rubiano University El Bosque / ValleSalud Clinical Network

Wellingson Paiva University of São Paulo

Registration fee: USD 120.00

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This course covers the management of complex cranial neurotrauma using advanced monitoring devices and techniques. There will also be a focus on the management of challenging clinical scenarios and complications.

This course covers the current best strategies and considerations for managing neurotrauma patients and is based on competencies defined in Global Neuro’s curriculum. The content is delivered using multiple methods. Comprehensive lectures concentrate on the understanding of core material. Interactive case presentations deepen this knowledge and enrich the discussion in trauma management. Practical exercises sessions teach the application of Global Neuro principles to manage common injuries. Case-based discussions link the lecture material and practical skills with the problems encountered in clinical practice.

Participants will be able to interact throughout the course.

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